The Juice Box 52v 4ah Samsung 40T Lithium ion E-Bike Battery


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The Juice Box – never be stranded again – with this spare 52v 4ah Samsung 40T Lithium ion E-Bike Battery!

Would you believe this bike battery is under 3 lbs? Yes, it is!

Please read the full description for details.

Out of stock

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The Juice Box – your only powerful ebike battery punch!

Never Run out of Juice again!

Do you suffer from Range Anxiety? Do you have nightmares of running your pack out before you get off the trail or get home from your commute? We’ve got just what you need! Light, small and easy to carry along on any ride. These Samsung 40T cells can EACH put out 30amps continuously, and with 4ah of capacity, it will do the job of helping you home without too much pedaling.

Please read the full description. Lithium Ion batteries can be dangerously. Make sure you know what you are doing or consult a professional if you are unsure.


* 52v = the power you need.

4ah – enough time get your home.

* Small and Light (UNDER 3 pounds!)

* Awesome spare battery made of top quality components.

* 14s1p – 14 Genuine First Grade Samsung 40T 21700 cells

* 30 amp continuous BMS

* Temperature Protected.

* XT-90s lead wire connectors. NO SPARKS!

* XT60 lead for charger

* Weight of Battery: UNDER 3 pounds

* Life Span: 400-1000 charges


This 52v pack is built with a tight frame for better heat dissipation. Having too much empty air space actually acts as an insulator – trapping the heat inside the pack (think double-pane windows). Connections are made with solid Nickel strips, spot welder to each cell. Each cell and each series is tested before assembly. The BMS will prevent over charging and will balance the cells after a full charge. It basically makes your battery as safe and as efficient as possible.


  • With all rechargeable batteries, please take great care when charging. Never, ever short out the battery in any way. Failure to safely use this battery can result in fire, explosions, destruction, loss of life, loss of marriage, bad burns and an upset stomach.
  • ONLY CHARGE THIS BATTERY IN A PLACE WHERE YOU WOULDN’T MIND STARTING A FIRE. NEVER LEAVE A CHARGING BATTERY HOME ALONE. Some people put their battery and charger in a BBQ grill with the lid on so that if anything bad happens it would be contained. There are also ammo-boxes and safe, metal boxes for charging battery packs. Basically, use your head.
  • Charge this pack ONLY with the appropriate lithium ion charger.  If you aren’t sure which charger you should use please co tact us to verify.
  • Do not open or remove any part of this battery pack.  Do not modify the pack in any way – including cutting wires, using connectors that are not compatible with the pack, hard-wiring the pack into a motor or controller, etc.  ANY modification of this pack will void any and all warranty, either implied or expressed.
  • If this pack is damaged or gets wet do not use it Danger of fire or thermal runaway of cells can occur, and this can be a life threatening issue.  Dispose of a damaged or wet pack immediately by contacting your local hazardous waste disposal office.


SHIPPING NOTE: All E-Bike Battery Packs are shipped in the order it is received. Please allow 2-10 days to ship. Tracking will be sent as soon as it ships. Contact us if you need assistance.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in



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