Unite for Safer Standards: Support our mission for government funded Safety Certification

Together, we can pave the way towards responsible manufacturing.

What we’re doing

Our mission is to become UL 2271 Certified and safely carryout our outreach program to provide low-income families with eBike transportation.

  • Raise funds to help cover the costs of UL Certification
  • Campaign the need for our government to adopt eBike transportation
  • Bring awareness to our nation’s current situation

UL 2271 Certification is a Safety Standard that is a voluntary and an expensive testing process for eBike manufacturers. This standard was created to keep consumers safe from dangerous eBike batteries, requiring manufacturers to go through thorough testing before earning their certification. 


Of the eBike Market is dominated by Asia-Pacific nations.


Fires caused by eBikes were reported in New York City in 2021-22.

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Our Mission Towards Safe Standards

We are the founders of High-Quality, U.S. Made eBike Battery Packs, reaching customers worldwide and now, ready to take the next step.

Bicycle Motor Works is determined to demonstrate responsible manufacturing, and seeks funding to undergo necessary testing in order to achieve UL Safety Certification.

The proposal we are about to share has been sent through various government agencies sharing the critical predicament we (Citizens of the United States) are now facing within the eBike industry and the need to support, regulate and fund our UL Certification.

Foreign Manufacturers are causing fires

The result of an unsupportive government is a dangerous and foreign-manufacturing dominated marketplace. We are at risk for further damages caused by lack of action.

We need to make changes.

  • Our government needs to regulate our eBike Marketplace and keep our consumers safe.

  • Our nation is missing out on opportunity and the many benefits of adopting eco-friendly, eBike transportation.
  • Our U.S. manufacturers need affordable access to certification, safety programs and innovation incentives.

Other nations combat climate change with Eco-Transit Programs

China, Germany and The Netherlands lead the eBike Industry, having developed a strong campaign to combat air pollution, traffic congestion and the rising costs of fossil fuels over the last 7 years. 

In England alone, the Transport Policy estimates that the use of eBikes could reduce CO2 emissions by 24.4 million tons.

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Our Community Mission – with Equitable Access to Transportation

Bicycle Motor Works unites with community leaders to provide low-income families with eBike Transportation.

Together, we propel our community forward

U.S. loses profits to foreign nations in a growing eBike industry

As of February 2024, Asia-Pacific countries generate around 81% of the worldwide revenue from the eBike Industry.

Global e-Bike Market Shares 2028 Forecast

Worldwide Growth

The eBike market is expected to be worth $62.3 Billion USD by 2028, estimated CAGR 4.9%.

U.S. Only 600,000

In 2020, during the pandemic bike boom, the U.S. sold only 600,000 eBikes.

U.K. 145% Increase

In 2020, the United Kingdom experienced a 145% increase in eBike sales.

Australia 50% Increase

In 2020, Australia reported a surge in eBike popularity with a 50% increase in sales.

Our Community Partners

It takes a village to make a change. Thanks to our community partners, Together we aim to build a successful eBike Adoption model for others to use across the nation!

Outreach Program Partner

New Bethany Ministries offers hope and support to people who experience poverty, homelessness and hunger. Together, we will provide accessible and equitable transportation to those in need.

Clean Energy Resource

Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance of Clean Transportation, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, unites in our mission, becoming a lead navigator.

Communities Taking Charge

With our community partners, we are applying for the grant to fund our project provided by: The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, and the Department of Energy.

A woman sitting on top of a bench next to her bike.

Do you want to get involved? Learn more, email: jackie@bicyclemotorworks.com

Together, we can change the industry

Join us in our mission to demonstrate responsible manufacturing by helping us cover the enormous cost for UL 2271 Certification. With your help, we can pave the way for other small U.S. manufacturers and create more opportunity.

Poverty in the Lehigh Valley is increasing

Studies have shown that the Lehigh Valley is a car-centric society, without reliable transportation our community suffers from limited access to employment, education and healthcare.

2022 Census: Bethlehem, PA Poverty Rate (the National average in the U.S. is 11.5%)
BASD Students are Economically Disadvantaged (in South Bethlehem, PA the poverty rate increased by 130% since 2017)
Lehigh Valley Households Do Not Have Vehicle Access (this is equivalent to 19,383 households without access to a reliable vehicle)

Together, We can create opportunity

Ensuring equitable access to transportation increases the opportunity to alleviate poverty, by providing reliable transportation to work, education and social aids.

Bicycle Motor Works is working towards providing low-income families with eBike Conversions, Education and Maintenance Resources through the program “Equitable Access to Transportation”. In a three phase process, Bicycle Motor Works is working with local agencies to meet all the requirements needed to fund this community outreach program.