Pocket Rocket II 52v 8ah Samsung 40T Lithium ion E-Bike Battery

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Pocket Rocket II 52v 8ah Samsung 40T Lithium ion E-Bike Battery

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The Pocket Rocket II is a Mega 52v Lithium Battery for Electric Bike.

It is the best bang for your buck for mini packs, as it’s packed with 8 Amp hours!

Read full description for details.

USA MADE – in Bethlehem, PA

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Please read the full description. Lithium Ion batteries can be dangerously. Please make sure you know what you are doing or consult a professional if you are unsure.


Built with cutting-edge Samsung 40T 20710 cells. Not much bigger than a Samsung 30q pack with almost 35% more capacity!!


* 52v = more power on a 48v system. Safe and simple power upgrade!


* Small and Light (under 5 pounds!)

* Awesome battery made of top quality components.

* 14s2p – 28 Genuine First Grade Samsung 40T 20710 cells

* 45 amp continuous 100amp maximum BMS

* Temperature Protected.

* Ling XT-90s lead wire connector. NO SPARKS!

* XT60 lead for charger

* Weight of Battery: Under 5 pounds

* Life Span: 400-1000 charges

* All Battery Packs are built-to-order, which means they are NOT sitting on a shelf losing battery life. Please allow 2-8 business days to custom build your order. Thanks again!


52 volts – The ultimate secret weapon for your 48 volt system. Compatible with 48 volt motors and controllers – plug and play. You’ll enjoy more power while gaining more range. It’s win-win!!


8 amp hours translates to 416 watt hours.

The more pedal assist (pedals assisting) – the longer the battery will last on a ride.


Our 14s 45amp continuous BMS with temperature protection will ensure stability within the battery pack and keep all 28 cells juiced up properly.


This 52v pack is built with a tight frame for better heat dissipation. Having too much empty air space actually acts as an insulator – trapping the heat inside the pack (think double-pane windows). Connections are made with solid Nickel strips, spot welder to each cell. Each cell and each series is tested before assembly. The BMS will prevent over charging and will balance the cells after a full charge. It basically makes your battery as safe and as efficient as possible.


With all rechargeable batteries, please take great care when charging. Never, ever short out the battery in any way. Failure to safely use this battery can result in fire, explosions, destruction, loss of life, loss of marriage, bad burns and an upset stomach.


Please note: pocket sizes vary. May not fit all pockets.


ONLY CHARGE THIS BATTERY IN A PLACE WHERE YOU WOULDN’T MIND STARTING A FIRE. NEVER LEAVE A CHARGING BATTERY HOME ALONE. Some people put their battery and charger in a BBQ grill with the lid on so that if anything bad happens it would be contained. There are also ammo-boxes and safe, metal boxes for charging battery packs. Basically, use your head. We make these batteries as safe as possible, but stuff can go wrong. Jeez, even Tesla has had its share of battery fires in their cars. Nuf said about that…

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Weight 379.99 lbs

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