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Experience over 10 years of eBike Expertise

We are one of the leading and most trusted brands in the eBike Marketplace, providing Premium eBike Battery Packs and Supreme Mid-Drive eBike Conversion Solutions to riders worldwide. As an independently owned company, we value excellent customer service and lifelong partnerships. You are just a phone call away from achieving your goal – call us today and start exploring the world.

We build our packs

All of our eBike Batteries are works of art, custom built by the creator himself, Matt Bzura. We standby our high quality, high current battery packs; using only certified premium cells, pure copper busbars, quality materials from vetted vendors, humanly inspecting and spot welding each series. With over 10 years of refined experience, we’ve earned the title of being the most trusted ebike battery brand.

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Know What Powers your Bike

  • Rated for High Capacity and Performance Systems
  • Engineered and Improved for Extreme Durability
  • Quality made in the U.S.
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Power that fits your lifestyle

We’ll walk you through the variety of options to custom fit your power needs.

eBike Conversion Solutions
Premium eBike Battery Packs
Upgrades and Replacement Parts
“I worked with Matt on my first E-Bike conversation kit build. Very responsive and knowledgeable, and I particularly appreciated that their batteries evidently are built to order.”
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Johan Hallgren

Explore our Signature Collections

Lock & Mount Packs
Starts at $394.99

Designed for a clean permanent mount, locking feature

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Traditional Packs
Starts at $374.99

Designed for versatility, lightweight, interchangeable

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U.S. Made Batteries

High-Current, 52v-72v, Premium Cells, Performance Upgrades

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eBike Conversion Kits

Advanced, Intuitive, Powerful, Simple Install by CYC Motor

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Dedicated Support Team

Live Technical Assistance, online Customer Portal and resources.

Experience the future of biking

Advanced Electric Bike Power & Systems

Ride into the future with our electric bikes

We are a team, working together to provide quality worldwide products and services.

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