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EBike Battery FAQS:

Q:Why does it take 2-10 days to ship?

A: Every electric bike battery is shipped in the order it is received. Typically, our busiest months are the warmer months of the year. If you are unsure about your shipment, please contact us for assistance.

***note: International Shipments require more time, being the nature of shipping locations.

Q: Why are other brands less expensive?

A: Quality in materials and manufacturing. Our batteries contain premium lithium ion batteries from an outfit located in the US. Our E-bike batteries are uniquely designed, safely sealed and encased for ultimate wear and protection. DO NOT consider a battery that is NOT encased in a hard shell or have visible outlines of individual cells through the rubber wrapping. These batteries can be dangerous, as they could potentially cause a fire. Research your company before buying any electric bike battery, we are happy to consult.

Q: Are your eBike Battery Packs UL, IATA or CE certified?

A: Yes, we are IATA certified, in accordance with the requirements of 49 CFR, Part 172, Subpart H; ICAO TI Part 1, Chapter 4 (IATA Section 1.5); and IMDG Code Chapter 1.3. Our genuine Molicel P45B and P42A cells are UL 1642 certified. In addition, our Samsung 40T, 50S, 35E and LG lithium-ion cells have been tested and approved under UL 1642 standards. Data sheets and documentation provided.

Although, UL 2271 is not yet mandated, Bicycle Motor Works is currently working with UL, CE and other third party US labs to obtain any additional recommended certificates. We thank you for your patience, as it is a lengthy and costly process that requires months to complete each step.

Q: What type of cells do you use?

A: Every electric bike battery pack is built with genuine Samsung, Molicel or LG lithium-ion cells that have been tested, rated and certified. The brand of cells are listed in the description of every pack. It is important to know what powers your bike.

Q: How are your batteries differ from other brands, adding additional protection?

A: Having too much empty air space actually acts as an insulator – trapping the heat inside the pack (think double-pane windows). Connections are made with solid Nickel and Copper strips, spot welder to each cell. We are one of the only manufacturers to use pure nickel and copper sheeting to connect each series! Each cell and each series is tested before assembly. The BMS will prevent over charging and will balance the cells after a full charge. It basically makes your battery as safe and as efficient as possible.

Q: Do you provide Customer Assistance?

A: Always. We provide customer assistance before, during and after you purchasing any product. If you are unsure about Ebike Batteries, please contact us for assistance or a professional to make sure your electric bike meets all of the requirements.

Q: Can you build a custom battery for a product not shown on your store?

A: Yes. The electric batteries that are shown on our store are standard, most frequently requested E-Bike Battery models. If you require a specific type of Electric Bike Battery, contact us for more information.

Q: Do you provide a warranty?

A: Yes. We allow 14 days for a customer to report any issues. If a battery is damaged during shipping process, is unable to hold a charge or experience issues with the connectors, customers have 14 days to report these issues to us for immediate repair. After day 14, you will have an additional 76 days to report any issues that occurs while properly utilizing your battery. We stress the importance of properly utilizing, storing, charging and handling your ebike battery! It is also extremely important to contact us if you are unsure or have any issues during this 90 day period. For more, read our Store Policies.

E-BIKE BATTERY BASICS – How to prolong the life of your battery, learn the basics of how it functions, proper charging/discharging care and much more. Visit our post on E-Bike Battery 101.

2-Stroke Engines FAQS:


Shipments outside the US:


There is a flat fee of $150 International Shipping Cost, plus the rate per item. Payment of the line item “Shipping Commitment” is an estimated cost of your shipping fee. The final fee could be more/less than calculated. Upon shipping your item, we will notify you with any unforeseen shipping costs that exceed your “Shipping Commitment” payment.

As the customer, you will be held responsible for the cost to ship into your country. This includes the Tarif tax, Customs and Duty Taxes. We will be in contact with you in order to provide you the full procedure and estimated time of shipment/arrival.

Manuals and Printouts: