Frequently Asked Questions

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EBike Battery FAQS:


Q:Why does it take 2-10 days to ship?

A: Every electric battery is custom built-to-order, therefore you will receive a fresh built battery with a much longer battery life. Our batteries are not sitting in a warehouse draining battery life. Your battery will absolutely will hold a charge longer than prebuilt brands.


Q: Why are other brands less expensive?

A: Quality in materials and manufacturing. We use premium lithium ion batteries from an outfit located in the US. Matt custom builds every E-bike battery with a unique design, safely sealed and encased for ultimate wear and protection. DO NOT consider a battery that is NOT encased in a hard shell or have visible outlines of individual cells through the rubber wrapping. These batteries can be dangerous, as they could potentially cause a fire.


Q: Are your batteries made in the US?

A: Yes. Every electric bike battery is custom built from start to finish in Matt’s shop, located in Eastern PA. All of his batteries have been uniquely designed and tested to provide our customers a quality product that is safely encased and securely sealed for protection. 


Q: Do you provide Customer Assistance?

A: Always. We provide customer assistance before, during and after you purchasing any product. If you are unsure about Ebike Batteries, please contact us for assistance or a professional to make sure your electric bike meets all of the requirements. 


Q: Can you build a custom battery for a product not shown on your store?

A: Yes. The electric batteries that are shown on our store are standard, most frequently requested E-Bike Battery models. If you require a specific type of Electric Bike Battery, contact us to see if we can built it for you. 


2-Stroke Engines FAQS:


Installation Instructions:





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