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EBike Battery 72v 8ah

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An amazing Ebike battery with 80amp continuous, 120 amp burst BMS!

Samsung 40T cells (2P) are rated to handle 60 amps continuous!!

Read the full description before purchasing.


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Our Ebike Batteries are built in the USA, made with premium cells, quality design, safely sealed and protected.

Please read the full description and ask any questions you may have before making a purchase. NOTE: Lithium ion batteries can be dangerous, please consult a professional if you are unsure.


1. 20S 2P – 40T 21700 4000mAh 30A Cells – 60 cells

2. 72 volts

3. 8ah (amp hours)

4. PERFECT for backpacks or frames.

5. Fits in most frames.

6. TOUGH, thick rigid casing. Double Shrink wrapped with THICK rubber outer layer.

7. 80 amp continuous 120amp maximum BMS

8. Beefy XT-90-S output connectors with spark resistor

9. Heavy-Duty XT-60 charge connector

10. Dimensions: NO LARGER THAN 9” X 4” X 3”

SHIPPING NOTICE: All E-Bike Battery Packs are shipped in the order it is received. Please allow 2-10 days to ship. Tracking will be sent as soon as it ships. Contact us if you need assistance.


1. You’ll love the power, as you plow through the rough terrain.

2. The more pedal assist (pedals assisting) – the longer the battery will last on a ride.

3. Our 20s 80 amp continuous BMS with temperature protection will ensure stability within the battery pack and keep all 60 cells juiced up properly.

4. And don’t worry about having too many amps – your controller will only use the amps that it needs. Think of this pack as having amps in reserve if you should ever upgrade your motor/controller.

5. This 72v pack is built with a tight frame for better heat dissipation. Having too much empty air space actually acts as an insulator – trapping the heat inside the pack (think double-pane windows). Connections are made with solid Nickel strips, spot welder to each cell. Each cell and each series is tested before assembly. The BMS will prevent over charging and will balance the cells after a full charge. It basically makes your battery as safe and as efficient as possible.


  • With all rechargeable batteries, please take great care when charging. Never, ever short out the battery i