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Your bike is waiting …

to be transformed into a High-Performance e-Bike Machine!

Brought to you by three worldwide and local e-Bike Conversion Technology experts: CYC Motor, Bethlehem e-Bike and Bicycle Motor Works.

*** This offer is only available within the surrounding areas of Lehigh Valley, Pa.

 Made in Bethlehem eBike Conversion Package

Let us transform your comfortable, most loved bicycle into a powerful state-of-the-art vehicle with CYC Motor’s Photon eBike conversion solution. The Photon is uniquely versatile, thoughtfully designed to integrate into most frames. This high performance motor, features torque and cadence sensing brackets, smoothly delivering power at the cadence you choose and intuitively delivering less or more power based on your exertion. Other advancements include, personalizing your system for an ultimate experience with simply accomplished programming through your smartphone.

Your high-performance motor will be powered by our Custom Designed Lock and Mounting Wedge Series:  52v 10ah Samsung 50S Wedge eBike Battery. The Wedge features a hard lock and built-in mounting encasement, that is custom designed by worldwide known manufacturer, Lekkie. Every Bicycle Motor Work eBike Battery is proudly made in the U.S., using pure copper busbars, high-quality materials and certified premium cells sourced from a U.S. distributor.

This package includes a Full eBike Conversion Service by Bethlehem eBike’s expert builder, Chris Briggs. Thats right, let the experts do the work! Receive an introductory consultant to review the process, verify any additional customization needs and schedule your for bike drop-off.

What’s Included:

How it Works:

  1. Contact us to make sure your bike frame will fit the Photon.
  2. Select your options, purchase and check your email.
  3. Your email will instruct you to contact Bethlehem eBike to pickup/drop off your bike.
  4. Within 2 weeks your bike will be fully converted and ready to ride!


New to eBikes?

This package is perfect for you! You’ll have all the answers to your questions by our experts … just call for a live person!

2 in stock


CYC Photon Mid-drive Motor Kit

Beautifully designed and created by CYC Motors Ltd., the Photon brings you a High Performance and state-of-the-art E-bike conversion kit unlike any other. The research and thoughtfulness put into this model, brings you technology advancements unfound in other factory model mid-drive motors.

Powerful, Quiet, Lightweight and Intuitive.

Featuring an easy DIY plug-n-play installation, simple programming that can also be accomplished through your smart phone, and much more.

The Photon preserves a perfect chain line on any bike and great ground clearance With its torque sensing and cadence sensing bottom bracket, it delivers power at the cadence you choose and senses when you crank up your effort and delivers more power on demand.

Features a versatile motor that fits most frame types, including fat bikes and some carbon frames. It can be set up as a class 1, class 2, or class 3 ebike from 250 to 750 watts. Off-road modes go from 750 to over 1,000 watts.

Wait, there is more! Dive Deep into the Internal workings. Watch this VIDEO.

Photon Details Included:

  1. Motor-reduction assembly
  2. 219H chainring-reduction assembly
  3. Bicycle chainring (34T, 38T, or 50T) with chainguard
  4. ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle
  5. 165mm or 175mm crank arm set
  6. Gen 3 torque sensing freewheel module
  7. CYC X6 controller
  8. Waterproof wire cables
  9. Spacers for BB adaptability
  10. DS102 / SW103 Display (up to 52V only)
  11. Thumb throttle or optional choice
  12. Magnetic speed sensor
  13. User manual
  14. CYC Online Portal

Pricing Details:

  • Photon eBike Conversion Kit: $950
  • The Wedge 52v 10ah Samsung 50S eBike Battery: $390 (Save 10%)
  • Bethlehem eBike – Premier Conversion Service and Navigation Tutorial: $375.00

Ordering and eBike Conversion Process:

  1. Contact us to verify your bike is suited for the Photon eBike conversion system.
  2. Select your bike options, purchase and check your email for the next steps.
  3. As per the email, you will setup a time to drop off your bike with Bethlehem eBike.
  4. It will take no more than 2 weeks for your bike to be fully converted and ready to ride!
  5. During your waiting period you must review and understand the materials we sent to you, which includes: the eBike Battery Manual, eBike Battery 101 Basics, CYC Photon User Guide and more.


Access the CYC Online Portal – download all your manuals and printouts

Need help? Contact us for more information or ask to be notified with updates.

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