CYC X1 Stealth Gen 3



Power mighty with the X1 Stealth Gen 3. Designed for all terrains, climb that mountain with advanced torque sensing, instant throttle capabilities, and customized tuning. Made for a powerful, performance enhanced riding experience.

  • RATED POWER: 1500W
  • PEAK TORQUE: 150N.m.
  • COMPATIBLE: 36V to 52V
  • CHAINRING OPTIONS: 32T & 38T (30-46T with BCD104)

The X1 Stealth is the all new lightweight mid drive conversion system. With up to 1500W of power output, a small form factor, and quiet performance, this is the ideal system for riders wanting a stealthy setup.

The X1 Stealth is complete with:

  • torque sensing capabilities
  • fully customizable mobile app
  • Range of bottom bracket sizes
  • High clearance
  • Fits all frame types including carbon
  • 2 rider modes (e.g., street, off-road)
  • 9 assist levels​

Please read full details.

*** Due to heavy demands, please allow batteries approximately 2-3 weeks to ship.

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The CYC X1 Stealth Gen 3 is a high-powered, high-end mid-drive electric bike conversion kit made for kicking up dirt, all-terrain use. Rated at 1500W & 150N.m.

This motor preserves a perfect chain line on any bike and tucks up high off the ground, even on modern mountain bikes with a curved downtube. With its torque sensing and cadence sensing bottom bracket, it delivers power at the cadence you choose and senses when you crank up your effort and delivers more power on demand.

You’ll be amazed on how versatile this motor is, fitting 95% of frame types, including carbon frames. It can be set up as a class 1, class 2, or class 3 ebike from 350 to 750 watts. Off-road modes go from 750-2,000 watts (depending on your battery).

*** Shipping NOW from our US facility. Due to heavy demands, battery pack lead times are 2-3 weeks.

This package includes EVERYTHING, except the battery: 

(But, no worries… we can help you with that!)

  1. Motor-reduction assembly
  2. 219H chainring-reduction assembly
  3. Bicycle chainring with chainring cover
  4. 219H golden KMC chain
  5. ISIS splined bottom bracket & spindle
  6. 165mm/ 175mm crank arm set
  7. Gen 3 torque sensing freewheel module
  8. CYC X6 controller
  9. Built-in bashguard
  10. Waterproof wire harness
  11. Motor hanger
  12. 3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded 68/73/83mm version / 2x 2mm spacers for BB92 version
  13. DS102 / SW103 Display (up to 52V only)
  14. Thumb throttle/ Half-twist throttle/ Full twist throttle
  15. Magnetic speed sensor
  16. Magnetic brake sensors (optional)
  17. Extension wire to mount the controller seperately (optional)
  18. eBike Headlights (optional)
  19. User manual (ecopy)
  20. Access the CYC Online Portal – download all your manuals and printouts
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Detailed Information:

Rated Voltage 36-72 DCV (nominal) (10-20s Batteries)​
Max. RPM (at Crank) >260 RPM
Max. Rated Power 2000W
Max. Torque (at Crank) 150 N.m.
Overall efficiency ≥ 93%
Color Anodized Black
Weight (Motor & controller) 2.7kg
Total wgt. w/crankset & BB 4.5kg
Bracket Materials 7075-T6
Crank Arm Length 165mm or 175mm
Q Factor 190mm (208mm for fat bikes)
Control Method FOC
Motor Sensor Hall & temperature sensor
Chainring​ 11/53 option with 32T bike chainring
11/63 option with 38T bike chainring
Controller X6
Display ​500c, 750c, DS102 / SW103 Display (up to 52V)
Throttle Right thumb, left thumb, Universal thumb, half-twist, or full throttle
Speed sensor Magnetic sensor
Wiring Waterproof wire (Julet connector)
Bottom Bracket BSA threaded or pressfit option with additional spacers:
3, 5, & 7mm spacers for BSA threaded
2x 2mm spacers for pressfit
PAS sensor Integrated torque & cadence sensor
Brake sensor Magnetic sensor for all brakes (optional)
BSA Threaded Frames 34.5mm bottom bracket diameter
​68mm, 73mm, & 83mm width
Pressfit Frames 41 bottom bracket diameter
92mm width
Motor type ​BLDC Out-runner
No-load Motor kV ​150
Stator lamination 0.2mm
Magnet N45UH (>180 °C)
Efficiency (at 2N.m.) >93%
Rated RPM (at 2 N.m.) >9000 RPM
Epoxy sealed​ Black epoxy potted stator
First stage reduction 1:6 low noise brass planetary gear
ratio Hardened steel sun & ring gear
Second stage ​219H Chain
Overall reduction ratio 1:28.9 (11/53T)
from motor to crank 1:34.4 (11/63T)

CYC RIDE CONTROL APP for X-Series Controllers:

X1 Pro and Stealth Configuration System is operated by the X-series app, allowing you to customize your experience and monitor your performance.
The app is connected to your controller via Bluetooth, giving you access to setup your system and change parameters according to your personal preference.

Function Features:

  1. Monitor your performance
  2. Customize your parameters for pedal assist, throttle performance, and gear preferences
  3. Configure your torque sensor
  4. Set up your desired power output’s for 2 different modes
  5. Set up your e-bike battery and peripherals
  6. See warnings and/or clear error

This app is needed to set up a few things to get started such as your regions legal limits, your battery voltage, wheel diameter, and to clear any warning/errors.

User Guide can be downloaded: CYC Ride Control App User Guide 08/11/2022

Access the CYC Online Portal – download all your manuals and printouts


*** Due to heavy demands, shipments for motors and batteries are approximately 3-5 weeks from our US Facility.


CYC kits and it’s major components have a 2 year warranty. Man-made failure excluded. Please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy for detailed information. Warranty starts on the day that your parts are delivered. Using this product with a system not supplied by CYCMotor Ltd will not be supported or warrantied. Bicycle Motor Works will not be held responsible for misuse or damages caused by use of this product. All customers must be fully versed in proper use of this product before operating.

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