DIY Battery Pack Mount 3-D Printing File


Build your own E-Bike Battery Mount using your 3-D printer! Thanks to Steven Huff, you can have this mounting system for absolutely FREE.

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Created by: Steven Huff

Print Settings Used by Creator:
  • Printer brand: Creality
  • Printer: Ender 3
  • Rafts: Yes
  • Supports: Yes
  • Resolution: I used adaptive layer with a .2 layer height parameter
  • Infill: 50%
  • Filament brand: Amazon Basics
  • Filament material: PETG

Notes: I didn’t use a raft, but a brim to increase surface area adhesion to the build plate. Also I did use some supports but its important you use “touching build plate” or something similar since the zip ties need to pass through the holes.

Bike Set-Up: CYC Gen 2 Pro on a 2016ish Specialized Diverge. Bicycle Motor Works E-Bike Battery 72v 15ah


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  2. Read more about this product and follow download instructions.
  3. Includes the .step file, if you need to edit anything.
  4. Need Help? Ask Steven Huff.

Learn about the Designer: Who is Steven Huff?

Bicycle Motor Works


If anyone wants to reach out and ask me questions about my design, if they need any help or if they want me to print/ship it to them they can use my email ([email protected]) or my instagram (@itssteven57)

Bicycle Motor Works wants to thank Steven for his generosity.

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