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About CYC Motors

In 2018, starting as an university project, Jon Chan (Founder and acting CEO) saw the potential of making high-powered drive systems and what it could mean for the industry as a whole. So, he developed the X1 Pro Gen 1 and got some funding by winning a few fancy awards. With some experience behind him from starting GNG Electric (yup, some of you already know that name), he was off to a good start. Now, he needed a team. A passionate team.

This team is ever-growing and the result? The X1 Pro Gen 2 became one of the first ebike conversion kits equipped with torque sensing. This was great and all, but what else could they do? ISIS torque sensing, our own controllers, what about our own peripherals, smart display, or a system that’s even smaller? 2/4  already achieved and it doesn’t stop here… there’s always more projects happening behind the scenes.


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  • Intuitive Power – intelligent sensors, delivering just the right amount of power with seamless effort
  • Lightweight Motor – the mid-drive conversion solution developed to not weigh you down
  • Plug n Play – a complete system, customized for versatility, simple installation, quick set-up
  • Improved for Protection – Minimal wiring exposure, sealed for optimal water protection
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