Patriot Motorized Bike Kit


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The Patriot 26″ Stretch Frame Motorized Bike Kit

Ride with American pride in this military 26″ Stretch Frame beach cruiser with a 66/80cc Bike Engine.? This bike kit bike sports slick flame-pattern tires, heavy-duty spokes, reinforced fenders, chrome accents and is designed in California.


Out of stock

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Detailed Information:

  • – 66/80cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine
  • – 26″ California Beach Cruiser
  • – 30 MPH with this sweet engine
  • – Military Matte Green
  • – Chrome Accents
  • – Flame Pattern Tires
  • – 30 day engine break-in warranty
  • – Includes Instructions and Care Information
  • – Average time to build: 6-10 hours (If you are new to kits, please allow ample time to build)
  • – Some mechanical skills and basic tools required
  • – LIVE Technical Support is always available ? for life!
  • – Motorized Bike Kits in three boxes, may arrive on different shipments.
  • – Received shipments/orders have a 24 hour ?Review and Inspect? period, in order to report shipping damages (see policy)
  • – Please allow 3-4? business days to ship.
  • – Local pick-up is not available

Additional Remarks:? The Patriot bike is a Steel-Frame beach cruiser designed in California. The engine kit is a NEW 2014 model, and it’s powerful enough to power the bike 30 MPH, and it gets about 130 MPG. You can fill the 1/2 gallon tank for UNDER 2 BUCKS! That will carry you 65 miles!

***? Motorized Bike Kits require basic mechanical skills. If you are new to bike kits, we recommend allowing ample time to complete each step slowly and carefully. Full technical assistance is available, do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about something.

** Several tools are needed for kits: Screwdrivers, Drill (for one small hole), Allen Wrenches (metric), socket set (metric), sprocket set (metric), Chain breaker (or you can cut to length), adjustable wrench, shop scissors or utility knife, Grease.


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