Grey Ghost Motorized Bike Kit


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The Grey Ghost Motorized Bike Kit comes complete with a sport 29″ mountain bike, installation instructions and a black 66/80cc bike engine kit. Everything you need to make this bike run (besides the basic tools)!

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Grey Ghost Motorized Bike kit.

Please read this full description before making your purchase. Thank You!

This motorized bike kit includes a black 66/80 cc 2-stroke engine kit and a grey 29″ Mountain Bike with front suspension. Bigger wheels means SMOOTHER ride!! With the engine powering it this bike is so natural to ride. The huge 29″ wheels make the ride so much smoother, and this will also make for a faster top-end speed. It’s a really big bike too, which is good because it fits perfectly with the wheels while not feeling “too big” at all. By adjusting the seat, stem & handlebars, this bike will comfortable for most riders.

The bike is large, but it’s quite manageable for almost any size.

ALSO – this setup gets 120 MPG on average!!!!

You get the complete bike & complete engine kit in 2 separate boxes ( and one small pack), and everything you need to put this motorized bike together is included. Everything except the tools that is.

We will provide a ton of information & resources about motorized bikes. Please contact us if you should have any questions while assembling/riding.

Please note: You do need some level of mechanical ability to assemble & maintain the motorized bike you build. Although a lot of people can assemble this in an afternoon without asking for any help, I do not claim that it is an easy project for everyone. It is actually quite difficult for some people, to tell you the truth. If you run into something that you’re not sure of please contact me for assistance. I’m always happy to help. YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE REPAIRS AND ADJUSTMENTS OFTEN to your motorized bike/engine. Failure to follow instructions can lead to damaged parts. I offer no warranty on any parts so please ask me for assistance if you’re not sure about something.

You will also need tools. Tools needed include:


-Drill (for one small hole)

-Allen wrenches (metric)

-Socket set (metric)

-Chain Breaker (or you can cut it to length)

-Adjustable wrench

-Shop scissors or utility knife

-Grease (optional, but a good idea)

Please note: Although the engines & bikes that come with these kits are all the same, there are sometimes some variations in the accessories. These variations are not of lesser or great value or quality, they are simply cosmetic.

These differences can include:

-different style grips than pictured.

-chrome or black muffler.

-decals on bike can easily be removed.

-trimming rear fender with tin snips is recommended.


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