Flying Monkey Bike Engine Kit

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Flying Monkey – POWERFUL 66cc 2-Stroke Bicycle Engine – Perfect Everyday Runner

The Flying Monkey kit offers an engine that’s been properly ported, reworked and topped off with one of our 66cc high compression heads – designed and built here in the USA.? It’s the perfect engine for someone who wants a daily-driver.

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There are enough Monkeys” out there selling “High Performance” engine kits.? These swindlers simply slap a cheap, Chinese knock-off head on a stock engine (sometimes a few other shoddy parts) and add a few numbers and letters to the engine’s name.? Then they post some ridiculous horsepower claim and overcharge you – laughing all the way to the bank with your hard-earned money.

Unlike these other Monkeys, selling only empty promises, the Flying Monkey kit offers an engine that’s been properly ported, reworked and topped off with one of our 6cc high compression heads – designed and built here in the USA.? It’s the perfect engine for someone who wants a daily-driver.? With 50% more power and torque than a stock engine, this engine is also much smoother and reliable than anything off the shelf.? It works great with a stock exhaust and carburetor, and you even get extra tuning jets with this deal as well.

Here’s what this engine is all about;? I start with a 38mm stroke bottom end that is factory balanced to near perfection.? I make sure that the crank and the shaft are true, correcting it when needed.? I remove the small gear, magnet, sprocket and clutch from the shafts to ensure the keys are in properly and everything is true.? Loktite is used during reassembly.

I use cylinders that have HUGE transfer ports, and I make a knife-edge on the entry wall for increased flow.? I also enlarge the port, reshape it, redirect the flow rearward, and smooth out all obstructions.? I then reshape and modify the intake and exhaust ports, and finish it all off with lowering the deck height to create optimal compression and proper squish clearance.?

PLEASE NOTE: Lead times are high at the moment.? It may take up to 10 days to ship your engine after ordering it.?

This engine Includes:

? Very well-balanced bottom end from a single reliable source.

? 5 additional jets for carb (sizes 60,65,70,75,80)

? Cylinder is decked for proper squish clearance and optimal compression.

Copper Head Gasket

? USA Made Billet Aluminum High-Compression Head (6cc combustion chamber)

? Ported cylinder for advanced timing

? HUGE Transfer Ports with Knifed Edges.

? Transfer Ports cleared, reshaped and redirected.

? Piston ramped at the exhaust and skirt properly trimmed at intake.

? NGK High-Performance Spark Plug (cooler running)

? NGK Water-Proof Spark Plug Boot

? 12 ? of 7mm copper-core wire

? Studs in cylinder replaced with grade 8.8 studs and hardware.


Carburetor, CDI, Throttle & Grip set, Throttle cable, Clutch cable, Kill switch, Clutch lever, Chain, 44T Sprocket W/ 9 Hole, Clamp Pads & Hardware, Chain Tensioner, Fuel tank, Petcock and Muffler

Please Note:

Engine and Kit ship in 2 Large, Flat-Rate USPS Priority boxes.?

By purchasing this engine you agree to the following statements:

  • I (the buyer) am 18 years of age or older.
  • Because these super high-performance engines generates so much power, and that power is out of my control once it is shipped, this engine has no warranty.? I guarantee that it will start up & run very well for you, and I will offer you support along the way.? Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.
  • This engine is for racing only.? Not for on-road use.
  • I (the buyer) am responsible for ANY damages or loss that occurs.
  • The seller of this engine is not responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss that the use of this or other products may cause.
  • This engine will make me (the buyer) go VERY FAST – a helmet and ALL OTHER safety equipment must be work at all times.
  • I (the buyer) will use this product fully knowing & understanding that going fast on 2 wheels with a very fast gasoline engine attached is VERY DANGEROUS.? I (the buyer) understand and accept that doing so may cause serious bodily harm or even death.? I (the buyer) take full responsibility for using this engine in any way (intended or not intended.)


Please contact if you have additional? questions.


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