72v Super Shark eBike Battery Pack


NEW COLLECTION Super Pack The ultimate 72v high current, long range pack – available in your choice of premium cells. 

Like all of our packs, these new packs are built with pride in our Bethlehem, PA facility.  We don’t just trust that an overseas manufacturer uses the correct and genuine cells – we ARE the manufacturer so we KNOW exactly what quality, high current packs requires to perform.  

*** Please read full description for details



72v Super Shark- The ultimate high current, long range pack –

Available in your choice of premium cells:

  • Samsung 50S – 72v 20ah – Cells’ Continuous Rating – 100 amps
  • Samsung 40T – 72v 16ah  – Cells’ Continuous Rating – 140 amps
  • Molicel P42A – 72v 16.8ah – Cells’ Continuous Rating – 160 amps
  • Molicel P45B – 72v 18ah – Cells’ Continuous Rating – 180 amps

Our custom cut Copper busbars are just another example of the level of quality that we demand for our packs.  These busbars that connect each series are 0.5mm thick, and can handle well over twice the current that you’ll ever use.  This ensures the least resistance available in your pack, less heat, less voltage sag, and MORE power delivered smoothly when you need it.  The copper busbar’s spot-weld points are 0.2mm nickel/copper composite, and they are securely welded to the copper busbar to ensure smooth power transfer.

Features include:

  • Packed with 80 21700 cells (20S 4P)
  • 0.5mm Custom Copper BusBars.  Rated for over 300 continuous amps.  Yeah, we like to overbuild EVERYTHING!
  • 80 amp BMS
  • Includes 2 keys for built in lock.
  • Metal reinforced mounting cradle with multiple, adjustable anchor points to allow you proper placement on your water bottle mounts.
  • The highly resistant aluminum Cradle/Case power connector is eliminated.  10 Gauge wires run directly from the pack and through the cradle for higher, more reliable and efficient power.
  • We have also eliminated the built-in charge port, power switch and charge indicator for higher charge rate and reliability.  
  • Large Case Size – not likely to fit most full suspension frames.  Please see all images for more detailed dimensions.
  • Weight is just over 15lbs.


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  • With all rechargeable batteries, please take great care when charging. Never, ever short out the battery in any way. Failure to safely use this battery can result in fire, explosions, destruction, loss of life, loss of marriage, bad burns and an upset stomach.
  • ONLY CHARGE THIS BATTERY IN A PLACE WHERE YOU WOULDN’T MIND STARTING A FIRE. NEVER LEAVE A CHARGING BATTERY HOME ALONE. Some people put their battery and charger in a BBQ grill with the lid on so that if anything bad happens it would be contained. There are also ammo-boxes and safe, metal boxes for charging battery packs. Basically, use your head.
  • Charge this pack ONLY with the appropriate lithium ion charger.  If you aren’t sure which charger you should use please co tact us to verify.
  • Do not open or remove any part of this battery pack. Do not modify the pack in any way – including cutting wires, using connectors that are not compatible with the pack, hard-wiring the pack into a motor or controller, etc.  ANY modification of this pack will void any and all warranty, either implied or expressed.
  • If this pack is damaged or gets wet do not use it. Danger of fire or thermal runaway of cells can occur, and this can be a life threatening issue.  Dispose of a damaged or wet pack immediately by contacting your local hazardous waste disposal office.
  • Must read our eBike Battery 101 before making a purchase.
  • Please consult a professional if you are unsure about electric bike batteries, they can be dangerous if misused.


All E-Bike Battery Packs are shipped in the order it is received. Please allow 6-10 days to ship. Tracking will be sent as soon as it ships. Contact us if you need assistance.


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 3.8 × 6.2 in
Premium Cell Selection

Samsung 50S 20ah, Samsung 40T 16ah, Molicel P42A 16.8ah, Molicel P45B 18ah


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