Super NGK Upgrade Pack
Super NGK Upgrade Pack
Bicycle Motor Works

Super NGK Upgrade Pack

$26.00 $15.00

In this pack you will get: ($26.00 value)

1 – NGK Waterproof spark plug boot, 1 – NGK B6HS Spark Plug, 1 – NGK B7HS Spark Plug, 1 – NGK B8HS Spark Plug, 12″ + Silicone Jacketed Copper-core wire

Often overlooked, but oh-so important. Your spark plug and it’s connection to the electrical system play a huge part in your engine’s performance.

This week we’re offering an NGK upgrade with an assortment of different heat-range NGK plugs. Try them out to see which best suits your engine.

You get:
1 NGK Waterproof Spark Plug Boot
1 NGK B6HS Plug
1 NGK B7HS Plug
1 NGK B8HS Plug
12″+ Silicone Jacketed copper-core wire

A $26 value!