Professionally Ported GT5 Cylinder + Piston
Fully Ported Cylinder
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Professionally Ported GT5 Cylinder + Piston


Fully Ported Cylinder Piston for GT5 2-Stroke Motorized Bicycle and lots of EXTRAS!

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This professionally ported top-end replacement for your GT5 2-cycle bicycle engine will add instant horsepower to your ride.  These cylinders have huge transfer ports – these feed the fuel into the combustion chamber so bigger = better!  Also, the deck height is lowered for more compression, and the transfer ports are reshaped and directed towards the intake for more efficiency.

You also get a bunch of other goodies with this package.  5 extra head and base gaskets in total allow you to set your port timing how you prefer.  It also allows you to run any type of head – from stock to our BMW 6.0cc high comp head.

*note: lead time can be up to 5 business days on this item, depending on work load.

This package includes:

• Ported Cylinder

• Modified Piston

• 2 piston rings

• Needle Bearing + Wrist Pin

• 2 Cir-clips

• 2 base gaskets

• 1 Aluminum Head Gasket

• 2 Copper Head Gasket (.4mm + .6mm)

• 15mm “Big-Mouth” Intake Manifold

• Port-Matched Intake + Exhaust Gaskets

• “Thread Grabber” exhaust stud system

This top-end kit will only work on a GT5 type engine with a 38mm stroke.  These engines will have a con rod from the crank that has one of the following markings: ZAE60 – ZAE80 – ZAF80 – FM80.