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Clutch Lever Combo

$24.99 $14.99

Clever Lever Clutch Combo:

Long-Reach Clutch Lever, Clutch Cable and 15 clutch pads. ($25.00 value – offer available for a limited time)


Clutch Upgrade Combo
Is your clutch slipping? ?Is your old, short lever hard to pull in? ?Is your cable worn and frayed? ?We’ve got you covered!
We start with our famous Long-Reach clutch lever to give your pull more leverage. ?Then we throw in a new clutch cable and a set of 15 brand new clutch pads. ?This deal is so good, it’s like buying the lever and getting the rest of the stuff for free!
Long-Reach clutch lever, clutch cable and a set of 15 rectangular clutch pads.

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