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Replacement Clutch Cover for 2-stroke bike engines.

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The clutch cover is frequently called the “clutch plate” and is what moves against and away from the clutch pads to create the friction to engage and disengage your clutch. It is found just behind the gear case cover and is held in place by the clutch wheel nut and locking Phillips screw. It should have a displacement of about 1/8th inch to function properly. Too close to the pads and the clutch will be too tight to move and too far away and your clutch will slip. To remove or adjust the clutch cover, first remove the Phillips locking screw. Using a chisel and hammer ?tap clockwise until the clutch wheel nut moves 1/2 turn. Then, slip your spark plug removal tool over your clutch arm and pull it in and push down on the clutch cover. This will free the clutch wheel nut to be removed or adjusted easily by hand.

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