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Welcome to Bicycle Motor Works!

We are an independently owned, customer-focused business with one main goal: To offer excellent products and services, at competitive prices, to riders who are as enthusiastic about motorized bikes as we are. We only sell what we use and approve ourselves so we stand firmly by every bike kit, performance engine, electric bike, electric bike battery and part we carry. In addition, we ship quickly and provide unlimited customer support. At Bicycle Motor Works, we are dedicated to working with you until you achieve your goal – to ride.

Founded on Need, Fueled by Passion

Bicycle Motor Works began with a stroke of inspiration. Matt Bzura, seeking release from the stress of his daily life as a cigar industry professional, channeled his past enthusiasm for BMX and mountain biking into a new project. On a whim, he bought a 2 stroke bicycle engine kit and was immediately hooked. Newly immersed in the world of motorized bikes, he quickly identified the need for better products, better service, and faster shipping than what was available in the market. It didn’t take too long for both Matt and his wife to start researching cleaner air transportation solutions, expanding their product line to include top performing electric bike conversion kits and batteries.

A bicycle with blue wheels parked in front of a white wall.

A bicycle with blue wheels parked in front of a white wall.

Matt turned to his wife, Jackie, who joined him in taking a leap of faith to launch a new business dedicated to making top-quality, cost-effective motorized bike kits available to everyone, regardless of income or driver’s license status. They launched Bicycle Motor Works in 2014 and have shepherded its rapid growth through hard work, dedication to their principles, and a shared and deeply held passion for their work, their family, and their community, including support of local organizations that raise awareness of drug and alcohol addiction.

A bicycle with blue wheels parked in front of a white wall.

Why Choose Bicycle Motor Works?

At Bicycle Motor Works, we are extremely passionate about what we do. Much more than selling products, we strive to help people get where they need to be. Matt and Jackie understand what it’s like to face challenges in life, both personal and financial. They work hard to keep prices as low as possible while maintaining a high level of quality in their product line. They also commit themselves fully to providing straightforward, honest services to their customers because they value each one.

We are an American-owned, family company that runs only one business. The purpose of that business is to help people get around and have fun. We take great pleasure in knowing that the kits we sell not only provide transportation but also give customers a sense of accomplishment when they build something incredible with their own hands. While motorized biking may be a sport or hobby for many, for us it is our daily vocation. This is what we do, every day. You can be assured we are doing it right.

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Bicycle Motor Works is dedicated to offering the best products, prices, and selection while bringing the latest cutting-edge products to the market. All orders ship the next business day. We value customer satisfaction and pledge to work with you every step of the way. For prompt technical service assistance, email us at the contact us form below. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal to Build It, Ride It.