Did you know?

A bicycle with blue wheels parked in front of a white wall.We, Bicycle Motor Works, proudly produce all of our electric bike batteries from only the most durable, structurally sound and of highest quality materials. As a small US Family-Owned Business, we have the freedom to make quality and customers a priority. Every aspect of our business, the design process, production, customer care, communication, is continuously being analyzed for improvement.

Therefore, it isn’t so surprising that we tend to utilize supplies and materials produced by other small US-Owned Companies, like ourselves.

A bicycle with blue wheels parked in front of a white wall.

One of the most important components of our battery packs is the outer shell that encases the battery before being sealed in thick, rubber shrink wrap. This material is called Garolite G-10/FR4.  Garolite is a Super-Duty fiberglass sheet that’s produced with special epoxy resin under extreme pressure.  This thin sheet is very rigid, puncture resistant, electrically insulating, and fire resistant.

There are many sources and manufacturers of Garolite sheeting.  You will find various degrees of quality in Garolite, and we’ve tried a lot, until we came across American Material Supply.

As in the name, American Material Supply, is a US Company that’s veteran founded and also a thriving family business. They provide us with Garolite sheets that are extremely durable, strong and yet, lightweight. Garolite is a very important components of our E-Bike Battery Packs, and it’s just one more thing that separates us from the rest.

A bicycle with blue wheels parked in front of a white wall.