Name: David R

From: Troy, MI

More about David:  “Bicycle Motor Works family business takes care of their customers like Family! Bringing you the Best in Quality Motors, Parts , High Performance, anything you need you won’t find a Better supplier for the Quality of Products at the best price! Bottom line? You get what you pay for! Have any issues after the sale with your purchase? Excellent customer service just email them they always respond and resolve any issue you may have! Motor City Motor Bikes has over 700 builds since 2011 I’ve used many different suppliers over the years and I always come back to Bicycle Motor Works after other suppliers don’t provide after the sale customer service like BMW does! If it’s not right they will make it right! Bicycle Motor Works always takes care of me (The Customer!) This Customer takes care of Them! This is a Family business! Don’t Disrespect the Family! Lol! Love Their ZEDA Kits and The Runwell Motor is one of best Motors around! Period! David Rodrigues Professional Builder Motor City Motor Bikes Troy, Michigan!”

A bicycle parked on the sidewalk in front of a store.

A red bicycle parked in front of a blue house.

A bicycle with a motor attached to the front of it.