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Ruby Red 66/80cc Bike Engine Kit

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New RED – 66/80cc 2-stroke Bicycle Engine Kit?

Performance enhanced for a much more powerful, stronger and durable engine like no other. Turn your ordinary bike into a motorized gas scooter in one afternoon!

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2014 Upgrades Include:?

1. Improved GT5 Bike Engine Kit

2. 24 to 40 mph, depending on the gear ratio and weight

3. 125-150 miles per gallon

4. Kit comes with EVERYTHING needed to mount your bike – ride the same day

5. Independent drive sprocket and chain

6. Japanese Bearings for a long-life

7. Easier to mount on fat tube bikes

This engine will fit most 24″ and larger wheel bikes, such as Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper and Road bikes with a V-frame. Please contact us if you should have questions.

Detailed Kit Information:

1. Red Slant-Head Motor 66/80cc 2-Stroke 38mm Engine

2. Low Profile Matching Red Air Filter

3. Upgraded Hush Muffler

4. Clutch Cable

5. Drive Chain Idler

6. High Quality Japanese Main Bearings

7. 415 Heavy-Duty Chain

8. Chain Tension Guide with Bearings

9. Chain Guard

10. Spark Plug

11. CD Ignition Coil

12. U