Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy

1. Canceling Orders – You may cancel your order at any time by contacting Customer Service. If your order has already shipped, customer service will instruct you on how to return your items. Refusing your package will not be accepted and is not considered an official cancellation. Not all canceled orders are qualified for a refund (see exceptions listed below). We will not issue a refund until the order has been returned to us unopened. If your order has been opened, please see #2. Returns.

2. Returns – We allow 24 hours from when your order has been received in order to “Review and Inspect” your product(s). Some orders may be received in separate shipments, in which we handle the each shipment as a single order. If you should wish to Return your product(s) for a Refund, you must contact customer service within 24 hours of your “Review and Inspect” period. All items within your “canceled order” must be returned to us, unused or modified before a refund can be issued. Any order returned to us that has been used, modified, damaged, missing and not in the same condition it was shipped will not be qualified for a refund. We are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages during the shipment of your returned items. We recommend returning all packages with a confirmation of delivery.

Please see the following fees that may apply to you…

a.) Package Refusals – All package refusals will be charged an 18% restocking fee if you qualify for a refund. Your 18% restocking fee will be deducted from the amount of your refund. Package refusals are not accepted, all orders must be cancelled in advance. We are not held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages when you refuse a package. Refunds are not issued until all shipments are returned unopened.

b.) Returning Costs (Shipment Costs) – If you are returning your order for a refund, you must incur the cost for returning the items to us. Therefore, we are unable to refund you the cost of shipping to receive or return the canceled product(s).

c.) Custom Order Returns – Any order that was customized by the customer’s request will be charged an 18% restocking fee and will be deducted from the refund amount.

3. Shipping Damage – If your package has been damaged during the shipping process, we allow 24 hours after receiving your item to report any damages incurred. After you have contacted customer service, we will review the following steps in order to properly replace your damaged goods.

4. Replacements – All replacements should be handled through customer service during the 24 hour “Review and Inspect” period. Damaged products must be shipped as is and was received, unmodified or altered. If your replacement has been received and your product was not returned or has been modified or altered, you will be charged for the replacement and required to keep the original product. In extreme cases, unpaid goods will be reported to the authorities.

5. Refunds – will be granted through Customer Service, following the Policy stated above. Refunds are issued when the exchange of goods has not occurred or when orders are returned to us (the seller) in its entirety unmodified, unaltered or missing. Full refunds can not be granted on goods returned to us that has been modified, altered or missing – for the buyer has taken responsibility and ownership of the uneven of exchange.

a.) Orders that have been cancelled and not shipped will be issued a full refund. Our turn around is VERY quick, call immediately if you need to cancel an order. Again, any order that has been shipped can not be issued a full refund.

b.) Shipment Fees – all orders that have shipped and returned are incurred by the customer/buyer. We do not refund the cost of shipping the products to your location or the returning costs.

c.) 18% Restocking Fee- Package refusals and received order returns are automatically charged the 18% restocking fee. Therefore, any order that qualifies for a refund will incur the 18% restocking fee and will be deducted from the refund.

d.) There are no refunds on payment plans or custom-built motorized bicycles that have been shipped or is in shipping. Once a customized bicycle has shipped, you are unable to return the motorized bike for a refund. Payments made on a payment plan is non-refundable, canceling an order will only stop production of your committed order.

6. Engine Warranty – Every bike engine, motorized bike or motorized bike kit is given a 30 day warranty. During your 30 day warranty we recommend you break-in the engine. If you should have any difficulties with your engine you must contact us immediately in order to trouble shoot your issue. If trouble shooting does not rectify the problem, we will replace the part(s) deeming it a manufacturer defect. If you should report any issues beyond 30 days from the time you received your engine/bike kit/bike we are not held responsible to replace, return or refund for any damages, defects or missing pieces that may have occurred during your 30 day warranty period.