What makes our race-ready engines completely unique from a lot of other suppliers?

The craftmanship. 

Bicycle Motor Works - Performance EnginesBicycle Motor Works was built on the foundation that quality trumps quantity. Which is why we can’t ship our race-ready engines the same day an order comes in. It takes several man hours of hand crafted labor to turn your ordinary engine into a ticking fireball.  Its just one dude, with two hands and a passion for building premium engines. We can learn more about Matt later.

Matt begins with a 38mm stroke bottom end that is factory balanced to damn close to perfection. He then makes sure that the crank and the shaft are true, correcting it when needed. He removes the small gear, magnet, sprocket and clutch froRace-Ready Enginesm the shafts to ensure the keys are in properly and everything is true.  Loktite is used during reassembly. You’ll find that Loktite is an important element to have when owning a motorized bike.

Each cylinder is inspected before being selected for a Race-Ready Engine order. As you can see in the photo to the right, Matt has begun stage 1 in clearing the ports of this cylinder. Stage 1 simply means clearing, yet not ready for the cleaning step. The port is enlarged, and reshaped to redirect the flow rearward. All obstructions are cleared away, allowing better air flow. Intake and exhaust ports are also reshaped and cleaned out. Then the deck height is lowered to create optimal compression and proper squish clearance.


Bicycle Motor Works

The photo to the left is a cylinder that has been fully ported.  As you can see- the rough metal that was shown in stage 1 of porting has been smoothed, clearing away all obstructions that could possibly break-free and clog your engine.

In additon to the porting, Matt has also included a lot of upgrades that improve the functioning and performance of our race-ready engines.

Take a look at the full description of Bicycle Motor Work’s Race-Ready Engine.