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40mm Intake – Top End Set


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Complete Top End Set for GT5 or Zeda 80’s 2-stroke 66/80cc engines. See details for full description of everthing that is included in this awesome deal.

Out of stock

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Complete top-end rebuild kit for GT5 and ZEDA 80 engines. WILL NOT WORK ON PK80’s.


**please note wrist pin hole location on piston. If your piston doesn’t match up with the one in the pic it will not work for your engine.



? Cylinder (with BIG transfer ports)

? 40mm spaced Intake (same width as exhaust)

? Type B Piston

? 2 Piston Rings

? 2 Cir-Clips

? Wrist pin

? Base Gasket

? Head Gasket

? Angle-Fire Head

? Intake Gasket

? Exhaust Gasket

? 4 each 8mm studs, washers and acorn nuts

? Stainless Allen-Head bolts for exhaust and intake (instead of studs)

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