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Red Rider Folding E-Bike Kit


The Red Rider is the Swiss Army Knife of Folding E-Bike Kits.

This reliable ultra durable folding bike comes equipped with a Shimano shifter and dual disc brakes. You will also be riding with one the most powerful mid-drive Electric Motor with Bafang! SUPER BONUS: This kit includes a Samsung 52v Battery!

Please see full description for details.

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The Red Rider.


Adult folding bike, Includes powerful BAFANG Motor, 52v Samsung battery and disc brakes for a low, low price!


This high-powered, lightweight and ultra-portable folding e-bike will get you where you want to go! With a Super-Reliable mid-drive motor from Bafang, you can power through all 7 rear gears of your bike. This makes for fast cruising speeds and enough torque to climb any hill that may be in your path.


Everything shown in the pics is included – plus the battery pack and charger. This kit is easy to fairly easy to assemble, and we can help if you have any questions. Instructions are included, and we can provide videos if needed. Some people may need the assistance of a bike shop in removing the cranks and bottom bracket – but most people can manage.


Unlike other e-bikes for sale, this one is built on a quality bike that is rugged and strong – and it’s powered by the most reliable mid-drive motor available. You’ll be able to go faster and further with little-to-no problems – for years.


The motor specs include:

• Integrated, upgraded controller with 3077 mosfets to manage extra power.
• Hot-Rod programming of the 25 amp controller.
• Programmable controller – programming cable sold separately. Requires a PC.
• Motor & Controller weigh just over 10lbs.
• Easy to install!
• Thumb Throttle.
• Speedometer and vitals on display.
• Variable Pedal-Assist modes.


Bike specs include:

  • Shimano derailleur and shifter
  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar height.
  • Powerful disc brakes.
  • Compact design – fits in most trunks and closets.
  • Fold-In pedals.
  • Smooth rolling street tires.
  • Red-Hot paint job.


*Please note – battery bag style may vary from picture. All bags are of equal, high quality, but due to availability they may vary. ALL BAGS WILL BE BLACK.

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