Ported-Performance Engine Kit
Ported-Performance Engine Kit
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Ported-Performance Engine Kit


Ported 66/80cc GT5 2-Stroke Engine Kit – with Performance Upgrades
20% – 25% more power than a stock engine!!!

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When you install this 66/80cc engine kit on your bike it will appear to be a stock setup, but that’s where the similarities end. These engine kits come from the factory good enough to start up & run, but because of the airflow restrictions due to sloppy welding, casting slag & mismatched exhaust & intake manifolds these engines simply will not produce the power they are capable of delivering. With my performance-enhanced engine kit you will get 20%-25% more power over a regular 66/80cc engine kit. Plus you will receive a lot of upgrades that will make you engine perform better as well as run smoother & last a LOT LONGER!

Stock engine kits have narrow intake/exhaust manifolds compared to the larger engine ports. I match these up & also grind away casting slag which really restricts air/fuel/exhaust flow.  I widen the intake port & lower it, widen & raise the exhaust port & also clean the slag from the transfer ports. I also mill the head & the lower the deck of the cylinder for better compression.  I remove all of the paint that’s inside the head (paint in the combustion chamber is REALLY BAD for your engine – it burns up & flakes inside the cylinder scratching the walls!)

Ships a complete kit to install on most 24″ or larger bikes.  Everything you need to get your bike motorized is included.  I also can provide a lot of additional information on installation & further modifications upon request.  I build & ride motorized bikes so I know what works & what doesn’t.

Upgrades & Improved items include:
1 x 66/80cc 2-Stroke GT5 Engine (Ported for more TORQUE & SPEED)
1 x CNC Machined Ported-Matched Intake Manifold
1 x NGK Spark plug
1 x NGK WaterProof Spark Plug Boot
1 x Heavy Duty Spark Plug Wire
1 x All the needed mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware is upgraded to 8.8 grade. The stock hardware these kits comes with strips out and/or breaks when torqued down.

*** Due to the modifications required to enhance this engine, the engine only comes in SILVER (not black).

Weight 5 lbs