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OZ Reed Valve, SHA Clone SUPER COMBO -fits 40mm Intake

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  • OZ Reed Valve
  • SHA 15.15 Clone – fits 40 mm Intake for Motorized Bikes
  • Carb
  • Filter
  • Cable
  • 10 jets
  • 21 mm Intake

Out of stock

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We’ve paired up a SHA 15.15 clone with the new OZ Reed Valve!


These sleek and beefy Reed Valves deliver a crisp throttle response and quite a bit more torque than standard piston-ported engines. ONLY for use on 40mm intake engines.

You also get everything needed to install the carb, and 10 jets are included to properly tune your carb with the Reed Valve.

tip: Reed Valves almost always require a higher jet number than piston ported engines.


Includes 2 intake manifolds for the carb of your choice:

-19mm (fits this carb)


Please note – you will get little improvement unless you also make a window (opening) in you piston on the intake side and/or create a 3rd transfer port channel in your cylinder.


Carbon Fiber Reeds included!

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