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Monster 2 – Mongoose Electric Bike Kit


Track some mud in this 26″  Mongoose Fat Tire Bike!

Includes a solid rear 1,200 watt hub motor and a 52 volt battery MADE IN THE USA!

You will want to get dirty in this bad boy.


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Quality 26″ Mongoose Fat-Tire bike, solid 1,200 watt rear hub motor and a 52 volt battery pack that’s made in the USA!

You get the exact bike pictured. Already built and test ridden, this baby is ready to go after reassembling a few parts. I’ll be removing the handlebars, front wheel, seatpost and set, pedals, and perhaps a few other fragile parts in order to ship the bike safely.

This is a much better selection of quality parts and components than what those cheaper, lower powered Chinese e Bikes have to offer. And it all ships from the USA as well!


  • Pedal, Throttle, do both. With 7 gears to pedal with and a strong, torquey motor, you can go literally anywhere. I’ve even climbed stairs on this same bike!


  • The rear Crystalyte hub motor is already laced into the heavy duty rim with heavy duty 12 gauge spokes. You simply swap this out with the stock rim, change the tire over, and connect a few wires. Excess wires can be tucked into the battery bag – or they can be shortened with the included connectors and supplies.


  • The 52 volt 12 amp-hour battery is a high-power, long range fuel cell made up of 84 genuine INR18650-20Q 2000MAH CELLS with a 40amp BMS (battery management system) wired in to protect from overheating, overcharging and over discharge.


  • A US made battery pack of this caliber retails for anywhere between $500-$600. It’s included with this kit!


You will need basic tools and metric socket/Allen wrenches. We provide all the electrical connections and solder-sleeves – NO SOLDERING IRON NEEDED. A hair dryer, a heat gun or a lighter can be used for shrink tubing.

*Battery bag may vary from what’s pictured, but we guarantee a Black, triangle frame battery bag for the best weight distribution in your bike.

** Battery charger is also included, and your battery can last 750 – 1,000 (or more) charges. We also sell battery packs separately if you should ever need a spare – or just want to increase your range.

Happy trails.


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