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The Expansion Exhaust is a great performance upgrade to your 2-stroke motorized bicycle. Adds more power and gives your engine a more “throaty” sound.

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Expansion Chamber Exhaust, Muffler combo adds more power to your motorized bicycle. It is designed to run best on a 66/80cc engine, but it will still add a lot of power to your 48/49cc engine. Our Expansion Exhaust pipe will also give your bike a more ?throaty? sound. In addition, they dramatically increase your low and mid-range power while still giving a bit of a boost at the top end. These are designed for stock to mildly modified motorized bicycle 2-stroke engines, and the header length, expansion chamber size has been developed over much testing. Please note: they will fit standard exhaust studs on 48/49cc; 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engines.

*please note*? Finish quality can be a little rough.? Please note that there may be scratches, overpainting and not-so-perfect chrome.? However, none of these blemishes will affect performance, and they will most likely be covered when you add exhaust wrap.

You WILL have to bend the pipe?s header to fit your particular bike. That means that you will need a vice & torch to bend this. OR you can take it (with your bike) to a muffler shop and pay to have it done. (Typically, costing around $10) *** SAFETY NOTICE: (as pictured) we STRONGLY suggest that you wrap it in exhaust wrap. Exhaust wrap is not included. If you don?t know where to purchase exhaust wrap, please ask. We are not responsible for burns that result from wrapped or unwrapped pipes. Your purchase of this product accepts this condition, for it is a binding contract. Therefore, please purchase Exhaust Wrap and apply. ALWAYS be safe and cautious, for this product can cause burns if not handled correctly.

Heat Caution:

– Some bending is required in order to mount to your bike. It will not fit “as-is.” If you do not feel comfortable using a torch, please seek a muffler shop to bend for you.

– Please apply exhaust wrap before using this product, the entire pipe will become hot when riding.

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