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Compression Head and Gaskets Combo


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Performance Compression 6.0 Head made in Allentown, PA paired with 2 Copper Gaskets, .4mm and .6mm in size. Upgrade your 2-stroke bike engine!

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Out of stock


6.0cc Head 2 Solid Copper Head Gaskets Combo

Don’t settle for cheaper Chinese imitations being sold by others.? Those heads may “look” similar to mine, but that’s where the similarities end.? Other heads are made from cheap, Chinese JUNK Aluminum without any standards for measurement.? Detonation and uneven combustion are all they have to offer you. Cheap imitations will make your engine run slower and/or cause damage.


Designed and Manufactured with pride in Allentown, PA – U.S.A.

Engineered for use on ALL 66/80cc 2-stroke bicycle engines with 8mm studs. From stock to highly modified, these heads offer TRUE bolt-on performance for any engine! The aggressive and original design of our combustion chamber promises to deliver quick, even combustion of fuel when you need it. And our head offers more surface area than other heads on the market. More surface area = more cooling!

The smooth retro look doesn’t hurt anything either.

The head has a versatile 6cc volume compression chamber which works great with regular gas from the pump. Only the most advanced race engines that are heavily modified with bigger carburetors and super-high flow exhausts would need race fuel with this head.

Deck height of zero to .03″ for maximum compression. NOTE: GT-5 engines have a higher deck hight than most others. You will need to bring the deck height down to fully appreciate added power.

Please note, there are 2 different pitches on 8mm head stud threads. For this reason we do not include new studs which may or may not fit your engine. For best results, use your original head nuts.

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