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Blue Racing Carburetor for Motorized Bicycle 49/66/80cc W/Filter, Cable 5 Jets


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Best Deal on the best High-Performing & easy to use motorized bicycle carburetor. No others come close in stock!


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You get EVERYTHING in the pictures. Install it in minutes. With this new carb you will be riding not only FASTER, but you’ll have more torque (power) and you’ll have much better control of the throttle. The looseness that you experience when you twist the throttle grip of your stock engine will be gone, replaced by instant response and a deeper sound of POWER!

On a stock carburetor there are no adjustments that can be made to adjust the gas and air mixture. This means that with a stock carb, an engine running at sea level & an engine running in Denver (1 mile high) are both getting the same air & gas mix. This High Performance Carb comes with 5 different jets that range from .60 – .80 so it covers every elevation. Plus, every engine runs a little different so I recommend trying out a few of the different jets (or all of them) and you’ll see for yourself how much better your engine will run when it gets the correct amount of air/gas into the combustion chamber. No fancy tools or gauges are needed – YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT JET FOR YOUR BIKE!!!

Also, a stock carburetor also has a very restrictive air filter cover. The carburetor is how the engine gets it’s fuel – it mixes air that is brought in with fuel that is brought in, and it transfers this mixture into the engine. When an engine is starved of fuel it will not run. Same goes for starving of air – but when an engine is starved of the air it needs it will still run – just nog very well.

This carb is fitted with a high-flow anodized aluminum air filter. This gets rid of that pesky foam that restricts airflow and the little plastic cover that chokes the engine of air. The use of a cone filter allows a lot more surface area for air to enter, and never needs replacing or oiling. Simply clean it with soapy water & dry thoroughly before replacing.

High-Performance Racing Carb Kit includes:

1- Racing Carburetor

5- replacement Jets

1- High-Flow cone filter (*note-filter may be misshapen like in pictures. This does not affect it’s performance.)

1- Longer Throttle Cable (stock throttle cable will not work with any HP carb & is usually not included)

PLUS all the hardware needed to install!

Sometimes you will have to use some sandpaper or a small file to make the cable end a little slimmer/shorter in order to fit through the cable tube on top of the carb.

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