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47mm Steel Sleeve Reed Monster Advanced Engine

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If you are looking for STRONG and FAST, please read further.

This is a strong 47mm Steel Sleeve Advanced Racy-Ready Engine, 2-stroke Motorized Bike, PK80 40mm stroke, FULLY PORTED and SPEEDY.

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These engines are STRONG! Built on Runwell PK80 bottom ends, and fully ported and modified for optimal flow, these steel sleeved cylinders really shine when port timing is corrected and flow is optimized. And the steel sleeves hold up so much better than the chrome-lined cylinders we’re all used to.

Includes a 40mm Zeda REED manifold for bolt-on SHA 15.55, NT carb or Speed Carb – (19mm OD) You MUST run a good expansion chamber pipe with this setup to recognize all power potential! MZ65 or custom dirt bike expansion chamber pipe recommended.

Includes everything in the pics. Brass exhaust gasket included. Cylinder has 40mm intake. M8 mounting studs on bottom end. Carburetor and Exhaust sold separately.

By purchasing this engine you agree to the following statements:

  • I (the buyer) am 18 years of age or older.
  • Because these super high-performance engines generates so much power, and that power is out of my control once it is shipped, this engine has no warranty. I guarantee that it will start up & run very well for you, and I will offer you support along the way. Feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.
  • This engine is for racing only. Not for on-road use.
  • I (the buyer) am responsible for ANY damages or loss that occurs.
  • The seller of this engine is not responsible or liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss that the use of this or other products may cause.
  • This engine will make me (the buyer) go VERY FAST – a helmet and ALL OTHER safety equipment must be work at all times.
  • I (the buyer) will use this product fully knowing & understanding that going fast on 2 wheels with a very fast gasoline engine attached is VERY DANGEROUS. I (the buyer) understand and accept that doing so may cause serious bodily harm or even death. I (the buyer) take full responsibility for using this engine in any way (intended or not intended.)

Any questions, please ask.

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