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40mm Reed Valve by Zeda

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Motorized Bicycle RSE Reed Valve by ZEDA – 40mm Intake Carbon Fiber Reeds! Check out the full description for details.

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Fits intakes with 40mm stud spacing ONLY!


If your intake studs are the same distance apart as your exhaust studs, this WILL FIT.

If your intake studs are narrower than your exhaust studs, THIS WILL NOT FIT.


Carbon fiber Reeds make the difference! They are lighter than metal, and stiffer than fiber. They will give you crisp throttle response, last longer, maintain their rigidity, and unlike metal reeds, they won’t tear your engine apart if they fail.


Intake Manifold is 19mm diameter. This is a perfect fit for stock carbs and SHA’s as well.



? Intake gasket

? 40mm Carbon Fiber Reed Valve


6mm mounting bolts not included.

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