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40mm OZ Reed Valve Carb Power Pack

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This ultimate power pack will not disappoint with a 40mm OZ Reed Valve with Carbon Fiber Reeds and 17mm PHBG Carburetor!!! Everything you need to improve your 66/80cc motorized bike.

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Ultimate Carb and Reed Valve Combo!


OZ Reeds were created, tested and designed in the Land Down Under. Now Manufactured by ZEDA.

Pair that up with a 17mm PHBG Racing carb, and you’ve got a easy-to-tune powerhouse!


These sleek and beefy Reed Valves deliver a crisp throttle response and quite a bit more torque than standard piston-ported engines. ONLY for use on 40mm intake engines.

*note: We include 8 ” of tubing to connect the carb to the manifold. You can trim as needed or leave it long to offset the carb.



? 19mm manifold

? 23mm manifold (fits 17mm PHBG Carb)

? OZ Reed Valve

? Carbon Fiber Reeds

? Intake Gasket

? 8″ of heavy-duty, reinforced hose

? 2 Stainless Steels hose clamps

? 10 tuning jets (main jet)

? Throttle cable

? 17mm PHBG type carb with pull-choke, small velocity stack (removable) and large drain plug on bowl for quick re-jetting.


Please note – you will get little improvement unless you also make a window (opening) in you piston on the intake side and/or create a 3rd transfer port channel in your cylinder.


Carbon Fiber Reeds included!

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