23mm Mikuni Intake-48mm Ported Top End

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23mm Mikuni Intake-48mm Ported Top End

$149.99 $115.99

Performance Top End Engines, Custom-Ported 48mm Top End, includes 23mm Mikuni Intake – BIG REED!

Read full description for compatibility on engines. This is for PK80’s only.


23mm Mikuni Intake -PORTED – 48mm Diameter Top-End – BIG REED –

for PK80’s ONLY! BIG BORE – 72cc Top End!


You can find cheaper ported setups that “look” like this on Ebay – they have rough port work that looks like it’s been done with a hammer and chisel though – so BEWARE!

ONLY For engines that have connecting rods stamped ZL, ZAE50 or have both sides blank.


Heavy Duty Alloy, Solid Castings, Awesome Chrome, BIG Ports!!!!

For use on PK80’s ONLY. Diameter of bore is 48mm. With a 40mm stroke crank that makes over 72cc of displacement!


Open transfers, Fully Ported, BIG Bridged Polished exhaust, 40mm intakes, nice chrome, solid castings!

Everything in first picture is included.

Includes BIG reed valve! Intake manifold is 23mm – Perfect fit for clamp style Mikuni VM18 carbs!


One cylinder is included. May have scruffs, scrapes, imperfections in casting and color variations, but they’re all 100% usable and run great!

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