These standard instructions are performed on a standard V Frame. Some bicycle kits require customization, in which additional steps will be provided with your purchase. If you ordered a bicycle engine kit to install on your own bike, we can also provide technical support during your customization process.
If you are new to bicycle engines and bicycle kits, we encourage reading these instructions with time and care. Some mechanical skills are required, so please allow yourself ample time to complete this project.

Tools Needed:

Drill (for only selected kits)
Allen Wrenches (metric)
Socket Set (metric)
Chain Breaker
Adjustable Wrench
Shop scissors or Utility Knife
Gas/Oil Ratio:
Break-in period, for the first 1 gallon is a 16/1 ratio
After that, 32/1

Installation Instructions are provided by Bicycle Motor Works; we are not responsible for errors, variations or misinterpretations represented within this text. We strongly suggest contacting Technical Support or seeking an expert if you are unsure about a particular procedure. Bike Engines can be dangerous is handled improperly, always ride on the side of caution.

Please click the link below in order to download your Bicycle Engine Installation Instructions. If you are unable to download this file, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat on to your computer.

Installation Instructions

Parts Chart